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Man Injured In Fight Outside Club

SANTA FE, N.M. — A woman’s ex-boyfriend got the worst of a broken bottle fight outside of a nightclub at 3011 Cerrillos Road early Sunday.

The stabbing was reported about 12:47 a.m., according to Santa Fe police Sgt. Andrea Dobyns. The victim, whom police would not identify, said someone he didn’t know attacked him, leaving cuts on his face and neck.

Dobyns said the injuries were not life-threatening.

The nightclub is in the building that includes Lulu’s Chinese Restaurant and the Quality Inn.

Witnesses at the scene told police they saw a man leaving the area with a woman. Police were able to find the woman and speak with her, and she said she was at the club with a male friend whose last name she did not know, according to Dobyns.

While they were at the club her ex-boyfriend was trying to talk to her, the woman told police, and the man she was with told the ex-boyfriend to leave her alone. A fight ensued and the ex-boyfriend was removed from the club by bouncers.

The woman said that an hour later she and her friend were outside smoking cigarettes. They were approached by the ex-boyfriend who had a broken bottle and began swinging it.


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The man who’d been smoking with the woman had a bottle of his own, which he broke and began swinging at the ex-boyfriend, and he was able to knock the ex-boyfriend down and get on top of him, Dobyns said. The bouncers attempted to separate the two men and the woman’s friend ran away.

The ex-boyfriend was transported to Christus St. Vincent Hospital by an ambulance to be treated for his injuries.

Dobyns said the victim in the case was having trouble speaking to police due to his injuries and was not cooperative.

She said the man who ran away, if police can locate him, will be charged with aggravated battery. She said the police will not likely file charges on the injured man because they haven’t found the other combatant and no one involved was very cooperative with the investigation. “None of the parties were particularly helpful,” Dobyns said.

She said the violent crimes unit will be assigned to the case and they will attempt to find the ex-boyfriend’s attacker.