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Letter to the Observer: Renewables should receive some funding


In response to the guest column opinion vis-à-vis tax credits for solar in New Mexico written by an advocate for energy companies: Why shouldn’t renewables receive some funding like the oil, gas and coal industries?  We the taxpayers have in one way or another paid the high price for the results of oil and gas drilling as well as pollution from coal.

Since some of us deny global warming, perhaps we can balance its effects for some of us who experience ill health as a result of the greed (rate increase of 20 percent) coming from the “power of the future.”

There have been too many government “giveaways” for the few and not enough for a lot of us, “we the people,” “ordinary citizens” who just might be “environmentalist” and/or just plain struggling to pay our bills.

Irene Terrronez

Rio Rancho