Healthy options: The Acre offers vegan, plant-based dining for takeout, delivery

A number of healthy options for vegan, plant-based and allergy-free diets are available at The Acre for curbside pickup or delivery. (Courtesy of The Acre)

Diners’ current options are takeout or delivery, and The Acre is making sure there are plenty of offerings for vegans.

“There’s not many places for the kind of person that is health-conscious to go,” said Shawn Weed, owner and executive chef of The Acre. “I think that they know it’s in their best interest to give us a visit and give us some love and we’re going to pay it back with some great food. … If you do get sick, you want to be as healthy as you can, but also I think being healthy will prevent you from having the more severe effects of this coronavirus. And I think our clientele understands that if you’re healthy even if you do get it you’re more likely to bounce back quicker with less fatality, if you will. We just cross our fingers that we’re right and this thing blows over and everyone stays healthy.”

The Acre is offering a three-course family-size heat-and-serve menu that is available for curbside pickup at the restaurant, 4410 Wyoming NE. Orders can be made by calling 299-6973. Its regular menu is also available for curbside pickup or for delivery by Daily specials will be posted on The Acre’s social media pages which can be accessed via the restaurant’s website,

“Each week we’re going to create three or four entrees with different salads and soups that people can take home and have at their own leisure, whether they want to eat it all at once or they want to divide it up,” Weed said. “You get a soup or a salad, a nice dessert and a nice entree, and hopefully that helps people that are concerned about being around other people still be able to get nourishing food.”

The Acre offers macaroni and cheese for younger appetites. The family-size selections will change a couple times a week to keep things fresh and interesting for patrons. Recent offerings include meatless meatloaf, vegetable primavera with spring vegetables and a light tomato sauce, posole, Texas chili, and vegetable noodle soup, as well as vegan Caesar salad and a garden salad. Oatmeal cookies and brownies were some of the dessert selections.

It is important to The Acre to provide several allergy-free and plant-based options to people in need of this kind of food, whether it’s a lifestyle choice, a health choice or an allergy choice, Weed said. Another priority is helping local farmers who are struggling during this time.

“We have farmers that have produce right now that we want to get out too,” Weed said. “Like Farmer Ted, one of our big supporters who helps bring us a ton of produce, has stuff coming in right now and he’s small enough that he can’t go to big chain restaurants or grocery stores, so we’ve got to help take care of them too. It’s important to us that we’re part of the whole cycle of life, not just one piece of the puzzle. What do we do, just cut them off and say, ‘I know you’ve helped us make food for two years but now good luck’? That’s awful.”

Farmer Ted is a local grower who provides The Acre with much if its produce.

“We got our first batch of greens and whatnot from him in the last couple of days,” Weed said. “Farmers have it bad enough. They’ve had to suffer all winter, and now, it’s not good timing. Hopefully, a lot of them can drop off produce to people, and hopefully they can help their business too. I just want everyone to be able to eat healthy in whatever way they find makes the most sense.”

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