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Early voting, not absentee, a hit with voters

It looks like Bernalillo County voters are moving more and more toward early rather than absentee voting.

Nearly 150,000 people cast ballots at early-voting locations this year, crushing the total of 126,000 from 2008.

But, oddly enough, absentee balloting is lighter. The county mailed about 41,000 absentee ballots this year, compared to 96,000 in 2008.

For all you election nerds, here’s the party split, per figures just released by County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver:


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Absentee ballots mailed
18,153 Dem
16,780 Rep
6,351 Independents/others
41,284 Total

Absentee ballots received
15,743 Dem
14,882 Rep
5,134 Independents/others
35,759 Total

Early Voters
74,889 Dem
50,772 Rep
24,243 Independents/others
149,904 TotalĀ 

Note: The early-vote totals include about 600 provisional and in-lieu-of-absentee ballots.