Q&A: Bernalillo County Commission District 3 Candidate Adriann Barboa

  • NAME: Adriann Barboa
  • PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Albuquerque
  • AGE: 44
  • EDUCATION: University of New Mexico, 1994-2000, majored in Sociology & Criminology
  • OCCUPATION: Policy Director for Strong Families NM of Forward Together, 2012-present; previously executive director for Young Women United, 2003-2012; case manager for YDI, Youth Development Inc., 2000-2003.
  • FAMILY: Two young adult children
  • CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: Barboa4BernCo.com

1.) What is the top priority in your District and how would you address it as a county commissioner?

Public Safety and health care are top issues — and they are interconnected. Health care includes behavioral health services and safety nets for our most impacted populations — as well clean water and air. A healthy community also needs good law enforcement and emergency safety measures. I will consider all policies through an intersectional lens.

2.) Under what circumstances, if any, would you support a tax increase? And what types, if any, would you support?

County revenues are essential for public safety and other services. We must be fiscally responsible and provide quality services, increasing revenues only if necessary to improve services. As we rebuild our economy, new revenue streams may be needed, but they must not be regressive. Tax policies must reflect community values.

3.) Where specifically should the county look to cut its budget if the COVID-19-related economic shutdown creates a significant revenue shortfall?

We will face budget challenges as our economy recovers. Public Safety is more than half of the county’s budget and is non-negotiable. I will look first at County work that can have more efficiencies or eliminate costs across the board.

4.) How specifically — if at all — do you think the county should partner with the city of Albuquerque for its planned Gateway Center homeless shelter?

Homelessness is not a City problem or a County problem; it’s a community issue. We must come together to support people facing homelessness. Whether it’s contributing financially or making County services, like MATS programs, available to Gateway Center clients, we must work with the City to strengthen our community.

5.) Do you agree with the county’s current immigrant-friendly policy, which, among other things, prohibits jail staff from providing information to immigration authorities unless legally required to do so?

Yes. Wanting a better life for your family is not a crime. Immigrants, regardless of status, work hard to put food on the table, pay bills and give their kids an education. Most importantly we want all residents to be able to contact law enforcement when needed without fear of harm or deportation.

6.) What, if anything, will you do as a commissioner to prevent further cost increases at the county’s new headquarters project, now estimated at $65 million?

The original proposal for the building was within reasonable costs and offset future costs and savings. Recently though, the County has approved change orders that keep increasing the cost. I would repeal the last two change orders and rely on the original contract for the building.

7.) Have you or your business, if you are a business owner, ever been the subject of any state or federal tax liens? No

8.) Have you ever been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy proceeding? No

9.) Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of drunken driving, any misdemeanor or any felony in New Mexico or any other state?

Like many people in our communities, I’ve experienced bias and seen policing inequities firsthand. I was arrested in 2018 for parking fines and in 2018 stopped for speeding and arrested for less than 2 grams of cannabis. In 2006 I was convicted of DWI, I took full responsibility and made amends.