Q&A: U.S. House District 3 Harry Montoya

  • Name: Harry Montoya
  • Political Party: Republican
  • Occupation: Professional
  • City of residence: Nambé
  • Relevant experience: Appointed, elected and served 8½ years on Pojoaque School Board; elected and served eight years on Santa Fe County Commission. Appointments to various boards and commissions, both local, statewide and nationally.
  • Education: Master of Arts in counseling and educational psychology, New Mexico State University; Bachelor of Arts in psychology, Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa; Join Together Fellowship, Boston University
  • Campaign website: www.HarryMontoya.com

1. What is your opinion of the coronavirus response packages passed by Congress and signed by President Trump? Is there anything you would have done differently?

The response packages have given us hope that we can work in a bipartisan manner and put Americans and their lives first. I would have ensured that there was 100% funding going toward coronavirus related issues. There was too much funding for special interests.

2. What actions to restore the economy, if any, do you feel Congress should take once the outbreak has been contained?

1. Ensure that funding is being used for the purposes of businesses being able to reopen safely.
2. Ensure the safety of the public by responsibly and deliberately allowing businesses to reopen.
3. Maintain scientific data as to the numbers of people testing positive, on a county-by-county basis.

3. What is your position regarding climate change? What actions should Congress take, if any, regarding the environment?

What is the truth? There are scientists on both sides that believe global catastrophe is upon us and those that dispute their claims. I believe climate change is cyclical and ultimately God-made. I would support bipartisan legislation such as the American Energy Innovation Act. Let’s look at options.

4. What is your opinion on energy initiatives that have been introduced both on the federal and state level such as the Green New Deal and the New Mexico Energy Transition Act?

My opinion is that both the deal and act will kill our economy and energy resources, leading to many deaths as a result of poverty and other social related causes as a result of an economic depression, before we are killed by emissions. Let’s consider all of our energy sources.

5. Fracking bans have been introduced in Congress by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and presidential candidate Joe Biden indicated in a debate he would support a ban. Where do you stand on the issue?

Fracking is proven technology that has been used safely for over 50 years and has benefited New Mexico as being one of the largest producing oil and gas states in the country. I would like to see technology developed so water can be reused during the fracking process.

6. What is your position on the leasing of federal land for oil, gas and mineral development? Do you agree with the removal of energy development in a 10- mile radius around Chaco archaeological sites? Are there other areas of the state that should be considered for similar treatment?

Leasing federal land should be done where this will not disturb the environment negatively. I agree with the 10-mile radius of Chaco Canyon. There may be other areas of the state to be considered for similar treatment. We shouldn’t proceed with any of this development without involving the community.

7. What are the most important actions Congress should take regarding people now living illegally in the U.S.? What about for those who want to come in?

Immigration reform is needed. I have listened to people on both sides of the debate and there are no easy answers or quick fixes. We need to uphold the law and at the same time, our current laws make it nearly impossible for law-abiding, honest people to legally enter the U.S.

8. Do you believe the borders are secure enough? If not, what do you propose should be done to increase security?

No, our borders are not secure enough. We need to look at a comprehensive immigration reform policy that includes the building of a wall in places where the border is not secure. If we do not incentivize illegal immigration, this will cut down on people entering illegally.

9. Do you favor a federal ban on the sale of military style semi-automatic rifles? If so, what would you do about the millions of such weapons now legally owned by American citizens? What other, if any, gun law reforms would you support?

No, I do not support a federal ban. I have family and friends who own them. We have significant and sufficient gun laws in place, and more importantly, we have the Second Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.

10. Federal spending plays an important role in New Mexico’s economy. What should be done to increase other economic drivers here?

There are limits as to what a congressional representative can do to increase jobs in New Mexico. Economic reforms must start at the state level. We have been governed by a party that wants to control people to collect taxes, instead of unleashing the powers of capitalism which best produces prosperity for all.

11. Congress passed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement as a replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Are there any other trade initiatives you’d like to see Congress pass if you’re elected?

We need to work on returning manufacturing back to the U.S. and not be dependent on China and other countries. If this Wuhan/coronavirus pandemic has taught our country anything, it is our dependence on China. I will support legislation that builds on this foundation to make America independent economically.

12. Do you favor or oppose a national single payer health system?

Oppose. Just look at Obamacare. Competition within the health care insurance industry and revitalizing that competition which was devastated by Obamacare needs to be implemented. The first step is to reduce prescription medication. Healthcare should be affordable and accessible. Current Democratic proposals for Medicare for all are projected to cost $32T. We cannot afford this.

13. Do you favor or oppose limits on late-term abortion, and do you believe tax dollars should or should not be used to fund abortions?

I oppose abortion. No tax dollars should be used. We must always hold fast to the sanctity of life and in times when we fall humanly short, we must realize our creator provided a way of forgiveness. Let’s have some honest, respectful, constructive conversations about this and other issues that are close to our hearts.

14. What should be done at the federal level to address the crisis of opioid addiction? Any other drugs?

Our first priority is to bring back common-sense prevention education to all of our communities. Status quo has been to do something about the problem when it reaches epidemic proportions. The addiction rate, joblessness and hopelessness these people experience is not because of the recent epidemic, but because of generational neglect at solving this crisis.

15. Why do you want to be a member of Congress?

I’m a native New Mexican, running to give a voice to all of us and not the progressive voices empowered by outside financial influences who would like to change this land of enchantment. New Mexico deserves a Congressman that truly represents traditional New Mexican values of honesty, openness, political freedom and prosperity for all.

Personal background

1. Have you or your business, if you are a business owner, ever been the subject of any state or federal tax liens? No

2. Have you ever been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy proceeding? No

3. Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of drunken driving, any misdemeanor or any felony in New Mexico or any other state? If so, explain. No