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Free credit checks are now available weekly

Concerned about losing money to identity theft or any of the other coronavirus scams popping up?

The three major credit reporting agencies are now offering free weekly credit checks, rather than only one freebie per year. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are doing this through April 2021.

“Monitoring your credit report is a good way to spot signs of identity theft, such as errors and suspicious activity and accounts or addresses you don’t recognize,” says

Credit reports show credit and payment history, and reviewing them will turn up any suspicious cards or charges made in your name.

To get the free reports, go to

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A self-described Albuquerque “tech nerd in my early 30s” warns about a scam involving Adobe, the giant software company.

“This scam was more thoughtful than any other phone scam I’d encountered,” he says.

It began with a call from someone saying they were an Adobe rep and asking if he was familiar with a certain firm, with which he had actually once worked.

This, the man says, “caught me off guard” in two ways: he is a longtime Adobe customer and he was, indeed, familiar with the other company mentioned.

The caller told him his Adobe license had been used by unauthorized sources that weren’t in the licensing agreement. For that reason, she wanted his email address so she could have him verify a report Adobe supposedly made about the incident.

The man was suspicious because Adobe had never called him on the phone before and because they should have already had his email address. So he gave her a secondary email address that he rarely uses.

Sure enough, he got several messages to that account, with the imposters saying they were having trouble sending the report. They asked him to create a separate account and hand over his login and password information.

“I marked them as spam and deleted,” he said. “Be on the lookout.”

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Also be on the lookout for free roof inspections. It’s the time of year when bogus roofers are calling or coming to your door offering to inspect.

They’re telling people that they were working on a neighbor’s house and are offering the no-cost service to people living nearby, according to the Better Business Bureau, which has been tracking reports of this scam.

If you accept the offer, they have ways of tricking you into paying for their bogus services.

“If they don’t find enough wear and tear to merit a whole new roof, they may fabricate it by tearing off shingles to mimic wind damage,” the BBB says. “Or they may simply show you pictures of someone else’s damaged roof.”

Always be wary of unsolicited offers, research legitimate roofing companies before you make a purchase and consider having your insurance company come out to inspect and verify the need for any repairs.

Contact Ellen Marks at or 505-823-3842 if you are aware of what sounds like a scam. To report a scam to law enforcement, contact the New Mexico Consumer Protection Division toll-free at 1-844-255-9210​.