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Letter to the editor: It’s time to review your life insurance


As a former life-insurance agent, based on my past experience, I want to encourage readers who have whole life policies to consider contacting their insurance companies for a review of their policies.

In my company, we would refer to these reviews as PARs, periodic annual reviews. Due to possible life-changes such as newborns, disability factors, etc., one might have hidden cash benefits available.

In my past tenure as an agent, I was able to help many of our policy holders facing catastrophic life-changing events recover thousands of dollars and continue to keep their policies in force for future use or needs.

Folks, I am just trying to pay it forward in these hard economic times. Hidden benefits include cash value accumulations and dividends.

If anyone needs my help, I will help at no charge to review their policies. I can be reached at


Ernest Garcia

Rio Rancho