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Letter to the editor: Mass-produce drugs to treat COVID


I am an over-70, overweight male, and a prime candidate for death by COVID.

I stay home, wear a mask, grocery shop once a month and do all I can to not become a COVID statistic.

I will NOT be tested for COVID. Why?

I have checked with drug chains, my primary care physician, University of New Mexico Hospital and the state Department of Health, among others. Not one of them has been able to point me to a place where I could be tested and get results back the same day.

Most are a week or more. This is useless.

There is one, and only one, treatment that is highly effective in stopping coronavirus in its tracks: The Zelenko Protocol of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Azithromycin (AZ) and zinc is over 90 percent effective in reducing both death and hospitalization from COVID. But, it is only effective if begun within the first five days.

The federal government is hoarding both HCQ and AZ. It will not allow them to be dispensed for COVID treatment without both a physician’s diagnosis and a confirming test.

In nearly all cases, this will make the patient miss the five-day treatment window.

Why would I spend five days waiting in a testing line in some 100-degree parking lot, then waiting for results? So I can go to a hospital and be neglected?

Two years ago, I returned from a trip with pneumonia, and strict orders to see a pulmonologist immediately on arriving home (mid-July). Presbyterian’s interpretation of “immediately” was “We can see you in November.” My response: “By then, I will either be well, or dead. Don’t waste my time.”

Could I expect anything better in a COVID epidemic?

Self-treatment may be the only treatment.

Is HCQ some dangerous drug from which Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi need to save us, as they shrieked in unison? CDC says it’s safe.

Is HCQ some rare and precious concoction from the bark of an endangered tree? Not even close. The ingredients could be ordered from any major oil company, and be on the loading dock in a week, in any quantity needed.

The machinery necessary to cook up HCQ may be a bottleneck. Does anyone who saw the Defense Production Act conjure up 100,000 ventilators believe that a couple dozen HCQ production lines are not doable?

All that is necessary is a president with the guts to ignore Chuck and Nancy, invoke the Defense Production Act and make HCQ and AZ as easy to get as aspirin. It can be done. Why hasn’t it?

Ken McDaniel

Rio Rancho