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1st RR Dutch Bros. serves 27,000 drinks

The first Dutch Bros Coffee shop in New Mexico is at 2121 Unser Blvd. in Rio Rancho. Amy Byres photo.

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — Bro-istas have made over 27,000 drinks in the first week of opening at Dutch Bros. Coffee in Rio Rancho.

That is about 223 an hour or three to four drinks a minute.

Rio Rancho’s first Dutch Bros. opened July 17, serving more than 8,850 cars in their drive-thru the first week.

The Rio Rancho community’s favorite drink was the Dutch Freeze, a frozen espresso, with more than 4,000 ordered in the first week, said Dutch Bros. spokeswoman Rilynn Davis.

“Rio Rancho has shown a love for our Classic Mocha, our espresso mixed with our specialty chocolate milk; The Kicker, espresso mixed with Irish cream and half and half; and our Annihilator, espresso, chocolate macadamia and half and half,” she said.

The company’s private-label energy drink has also been a favorite, with the people of Rio Rancho already discovering the secret menu flavors like aquaberry, aftershock and shark attack, Davis said. Secret menu flavors can be found online at

Rio Rancho’s second Dutch Bros location by the Don Chalmers Used Car Outlet is scheduled to open late this year.