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Letter to the editor: Fact-check Pearce


Steve Pearce’s latest comment blaming the Mayor Tim Keller administration for Albuquerque’s soaring crime rate is pathetic and laughable.  Per the FBI, the crime rate in Albuquerque (  during the Keller administration has dropped significantly in 2018, but per the statistics by ( the crime rate had increased significantly, some might say soared, from 2012-16.

Guess who was in office then? Steve Pearce and Susana Martinez.

Does Steve not think people can actually fact-check him?  Apparently not!

A bit of advice, Steve: Look up what “truth” means in a dictionary. Just saying something to hopefully discredit the other party doesn’t make it true.

New Mexicans deserve better, much better than you.

William Rehm

Rio Rancho resident since 2005