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Gunning For Trouble

Coyotes Serve Purpose

KILLING CONTESTS are usually tacky and ecologically unsound. The only time such an event might be useful is in the event of a population blip. Has a coyote population increase been documented this year?

In 10 years of raising sheep we’ve killed coyotes in only one year. They were suddenly more numerous than usual and more often near the sheep fence or in the road. We took seven or eight and the others seemed to disperse.

In subsequent years we’ve been free of coyote problems. Given the number of new gopher holes appearing now I wish a few coyotes would appear for gopher management.


Rociada Hamlet

A Job for Coyote Lovers

I WAS APPALLED by all the letters in the Albuquerque Journal of Nov. 14 about the killing of coyotes. Apparently all these bleeding hearts have never had a small calf worth $250 or more killed or maimed by a pack of coyotes. They have never lost their favorite small dog or had a favorite cat or two killed by coyotes, I have even had coyotes get in my fenced yard and kill and eat geese, I have watched a coyote grab a chicken and run off before you could grab a rifle and try to stop him. I have friends on the reservation who lose several sheep to coyotes every year and these people depend on their sheep as part of their daily lives, but you don’t ever hear these bleeding hearts writing about the poor sheep that got killed and eaten by coyotes or the poor person who lost the sheep. …

As for me I will try to shoot every coyote that I see messing with my livestock, or better yet why don’t all you bleeding hearts come catch all the coyotes and take them home with you and feed them so you don’t have to worry about them getting shot?



All Deserve Protection

LORRAINE SALAZAR approached graphically the coyote controversy from a cow’s perspective and also suggested we should stand up for children and let the allegedly overpopulated coyotes take care of themselves. I agree with protecting calves and children, but disagree that the cruelty is being perpetrated by wild and hungry coyotes.

Ranchers leave defenseless mother cows out on the open range during calving season and then blame predator depredation for their business loses. That is the real and indefensible cruelty being committed here. We are increasingly concerned with living conditions for laying chickens and other produce animals and we should also address the treatment of cattle that are raised in what amounts to a desert wilderness.

Even if we could eliminate all coyotes in grazing areas we would probably just foment an explosion of the rabbit population. … What would the cattle then eat? Would we then have rabbit shooting contests?

Finally, we might care more about the welfare of at-risk children if our society was not so enamored and calloused by gun violence and killing as reality and as entertainment. The opponents of the coyote killing contest are a needed part of the overall breadth of compassion in our society. Children, calves and coyotes all deserve protection.



Livestock Taking Over

THANKS, JOURNAL for speaking out against the coyote slaughter.

As long as livestock grazing continues on our public lands, no wolves, coyotes — or other wildlife — will be safe.

People are fooled by the slick marketing of pro-ranching groups like Quivira Coalition, which push their utopian nonsense of feeding “9 billion people,” with so-called “holistic” methods of ranching. The word “sustainable” has become propaganda. Sustainable for whom? Wolves? Bears? Mountain lions? No. “Sustainability” is just “business as usual” for the livestock industry, to continue replacing native wildlife with livestock, expanding human development, not nature. …

Read pro-ranching material: it’s about manipulating the natural world for livestock, while destroying public lands at taxpayer expense. The Forest Service and BLM must stop pandering to the livestock industry.

Want to save wolves, coyotes and other native wildlife? Let’s get the livestock industry off our public lands now, before it’s too late.


Santa Fe

Making Us All Look Bad

I AM A GUN owner. You know why gun owners have a PR problem? Because of things like the open-season, no-limit coyote hunt … It’s like Christians cringing every time the media feature Fred Phelps or the Koran burner in Florida. It’s like Republicans hiding their party membership lest someone think they are a birther.

Every time someone dreams up some new extreme measure to test the reach of gun owners’ rights, some nut jobs will be there to equate their right to this new idiocy with their right to defend home and family. …

Killing every coyote in sight because of the predations of a few is like restricting gun access to everyone because of the irresponsible predations of a few. See how that works?


Santa Fe

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