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Sports SpeakUp: Readers sound off on Urlacher

GOOD FOR you Urlacher. Someone should criticize these NBA players for their demonstrations because a violent criminal was killed. I support you and the police. I do not support the Journal who came up with a couple of UNM nobodies to lash out at the comments of a UNM and NFL legend and make that the headline.

— JW


BRIAN URLACHER should be able to understand the difference between one man overcoming the grief of the natural death of one’s parent and a generation of athletes who have watched generations of young men unjustly killed by police. Brian is letting his white privilege show.

— MAL, Albuquerque


SO PRIVILEGED, millionaire NBA players want to protest against inequalities? Really?? Why not end the season now, and go protest in person? You and your sport would not be missed. And think of all the good it would do.

— Uptown Ed


I GUESS you can take the boy out of SE New Mexico, but you can’t take the SE New Mexico out of the boy. Not a Hall of Fame move Brian.

— #10


THANK YOU to Brian Urlacher for speaking his mind on the NBA protests. Freedom of speech exists for all. Political correctness is destroying this country.

— Burt, Albuquerque


IT SEEMS that the radical left’s “cancel culture” has infiltrated your local football team. Goodbye Brian Urlacher. Hopefully, the next thing to be cancelled is the season followed by the program. Should New Mexico even try to play football?

— Joel from TX


AP ARTICLE Sunday on the front page of Journal sports section stated athletes are using their voice to effect what I call political change. When I go to my Doctor, I will listen and heed what he tells me to do for my fallen arches. The same for my banker and my mortgage. If they started lecturing me about my political beliefs, I’d be out the door in a second. Same goes for televised sports.



I AM a huge fan of New Mexico kids playing college football and doing well in life. To see Urlacher associating with Trump and making the NBA comments he made was despicable to me. I will never claim Urlacher as one of our own ever again.

— NM Native