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Please Don’t Punish Breed

I AM SENDING out a personal appeal to the woman who recently lost her beloved dog, Lillie, to an attack by two dogs. I cannot imagine the pain she experienced both physically and emotionally; her love of Lillie was so apparent it brought tears to my eyes and sorrow into my heart.

Knowing that she is a kind soul and is suffering from her experience I also believe, in my heart, that if she stopped to think about it she will not want to condemn an entire breed because of two bad dogs, dogs that seemed not to have been trained or socialized and not properly contained.

Knowing the pain of losing her pet I am sure she is not the kind of individual who would want that pain forced on someone else.

There are many loving pit bulls — I know I have one — that are being raised as members of the family — my dog has his Canine Good Citizenship Certification. And I know she would not want that loving family pet torn from its family just because of its breed. Image the tears of the child whose pet is taken away to be killed just because it happens to be a pit bull.

We have a saying in animal rescue groups — a dog is only as mean as its owner is stupid. I ask rather than seek to punish an entire breed of dog she put her efforts into promoting more consequences for the owners. As the other saying goes: punish the deed, not the breed.




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