One-woman band: Albuquerque-based musician Alonerly releases first album

Antonia P. Montoya, known as Alonerly, recently released the album “Among.” (Courtesy of Nate Lemuel)

Putting a record out is like a lesson in patience.

One must get comfortable with waiting.

And of course, the ever-changing finish line.

For Antonia P. Montoya, she met each challenge and released the album “Among,” under her stage name Alonerly. The album was released on Sept. 19 and is available at

“I actually recorded it … like a year ago,” she says. “It was complete around March. Then all of my plans of doing a normal album release went away.”

But there’s a silver lining to it all, she says.

“I was talking to a friend of mine in Virginia,” the Albuquerque-based musician recalls. “If I would have released it normally, I wouldn’t have put as much attention to the online presence. By releasing it to reach people out of town, it’s broadened the impact.”

Montoya is a one-woman band. She sings. She composes. She plays upright bass. She loops it all together to create gifts for the world.

“I’ve been playing solo for a while, and I never wanted to record an album,” she says. “Because when I play live, I use a looper and I’m the only person. I start from nothing and build out from the kick drum and bass. I was resistant to recording because I didn’t think it would come across well.”

After talking with Albuquerque-based musician Drake Hardin, Montoya changed her mind. Hardin worked on the album.

The album also features David St. James, Benjamin Eagle, Zack Freeman and Monica Demarco.

The album consists of both old and new material.

“I’m a deadline creative person,” she says. “If I have a show, I never play the show without writing a song. I always have something super-fresh.”

Montoya’s writing process is based on emotion.

Oftentimes, an idea starts with a bass line. Other times, a lyric sparks the fire.

As Montoya put the tracks together for “Among,” she says, everything just felt right.

“I started using the genre of experimental soul,” she says. “Soul is a huge part of my music. Most of my songs are love songs. Some aren’t but still sound like them. ‘Miles and Miles’ is about addiction, but it’s a love song.”

An extra slice of greatness appears on the album cover.

Montoya was invited by Diné photographer Nate Lemuel to be photographed in the Bisti Badlands.

“That was pretty neat, and it was pretty special, to have a Diné photographer invite me there in Navajo territory,” Montoya says.

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