State GOP leader pushes conspiracy theory on radio

State GOP chairman Steve Pearce

Certainly the former congressman who represented the area where aliens landed can push a conspiracy theory.

And it’s a wild one.

State Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce, the former representative from southern New Mexico, said on his radio show “Inside New Mexico,” which aired Thursday, that people were still voting in the presidential election. Unscrupulous Democrats, Pearce said, were buying “live ballots” from people who didn’t vote, filling them out, and submitting them in states where the vote is tight.

“The biggest thing going on, is that in many of these states that are very close … ballots are still showing up and they’re being counted,” Pearce said. “When people can see that the race is very close then they can call people who have not voted and say, ‘Look, you got to turn in a ballot.’ Many times in other states they’ve gone and picked those ballots up, sometimes filled them out for them.”

At the risk of stating the obvious, Pearce’s bizarre assertions aren’t coming from credible news sources.

Some states are still counting ballots. But the polls closed on Election Day, which was Nov. 3. Most media outlets have called the race for Democrat Joe Biden.

Mike Curtis, a spokesman for the state GOP, said that while Pearce’s show didn’t air until Thursday, it was recorded last Sunday. Which was still days after polls had closed.

Curtis said Pearce’s statements were based on published media reports, though it’s unclear what reports he was referring to, and if Pearce still believes that Democrats are continuing to buy and submit ballots.

Pearce also said on the show that in some states where Biden is projected to win it is because cases full of ballots that went 100% for Biden appeared after the states paused the counting of ballots the night of the election.

It’s not unusual for ballots to be counted after Election Day. Because of the large number of people who voted by mail this year, results in some states, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, changed in the days after the election as the mail-in votes were counted.

“This thing has a long way to go. A lot of voter fraud has been showing up. A lot of corruption,” Pearce claimed. There is no evidence of that.

PPE GRANT FOR NM: As the coronavirus continues to surge in the state, New Mexico’s Congressional delegation announced Friday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded the New Mexico Department of Health more than $15 million in emergency response reimbursements.

The bulk of the money, $10.7 million, will be used for personal protective equipment, including N95 respirators, oxygen ventilators, lab supplies and other medical supplies.

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