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Bit of Wet Weather Forecast for the City

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It might not be much, but it likely will be wet.

That’s the National Weather Service in Albuquerque’s precipitation prediction for today, a forecast that calls for a bit of rain with perhaps some snow dusting the east side of Albuquerque later on.

A storm will move from west to east today, depositing about a third of an inch of rain over the city. Snow might be a portion of the wet weather recipe in the city but only as an “icy bite to some of those raindrops,” said NWS senior forecaster Tim Shy.

The forecast calls for more significant snowfall in mountain areas.

In Albuquerque, areas east of Tramway Boulevard could see an inch or so of snow sitting on grass and other surfaces, Shy said, but none should accumulate on roads. As a result, paved surfaces might become dangerous.


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“People who drive crazy in dry weather might not want to do so with wet roads,” Shy said.

The precipitation might begun to include some “spitting snow” right around rush hour, Shy said.

Shy also said the weather could be a hazard for football and basketball fans heading to the New Mexico Bowl or the UNM men’s basketball game on Saturday, particularly if they’re coming from the south or southwest, in addition to drivers making the trip south from Colorado.

The third-of-an-inch rain prediction is Shy’s “most optimistic” he said, and said he regretted that the amount of rain forecasted won’t do more to help quench the drought.
— This article appeared on page C3 of the Albuquerque Journal