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Local Singer’s Song Featured on Reality Show

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Bill Babnick has seen the TV show “Duck Dynasty” only a couple times.

But the Albuquerque-based country singer may just become a fan. Babnick’s latest song, “Playin’ in the Mud,” will be featured during Wednesday’s episode.

“It’s amazing to have this kind of exposure,” he said. “When I first wrote this song, I knew that it had mass appeal, and things are starting to happen. I’m glad that I knew the song was special enough for me to keep. I was shopping it around to other musicians.”

“Duck Dynasty” is a reality show on A&E, which shows the lives of the Robertson family, who went from poverty to wealth due to the sales of their duck calls. The series has been around for two seasons and averages nearly 2 million viewers.

Babnick’s song was chosen to air during the episode, and it comes hot on the heels of Babnick being offered a gig performing for concerts at Melloy Dodge events around the city.

He said Randy Martin of Melloy Dodge asked him to perform at the dealerships for some sales.

“We started with the ‘Ram Jam Truck Event,’ and it was successful,” he said. “They wanted a full-blown concert, so we gave it to them. After the show, the company wanted to use the song for some of its commercials.”


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Babnick said the single “Playin’ in the Mud” has universal appeal. He said that while writing the song, he wanted to hit every age group.

“We started out as children playing in the mud,” he said. “There are a lot of people who have had great times with friends in the mud.”

With the song getting more exposure, Babnick also did a video for Skyjacker Trucks, which outfits the vehicles on “Duck Dynasty.”

Babnick is working on deals with “Mud Bogging USA” and the USMC Mud Run to use the song.

“The mud run wants to use the song not only for their video footage but also have us come out to the event in South Carolina in April,” he said. “There will be more than 25,000 people at the event. We’re also in talks to getting requests from Dodge and Chrysler to use the song for its Ram truck line.”
— This article appeared on page C1 of the Albuquerque Journal