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ABQ Lawmaker Calls for Background Checks on Private Firearms Sales

Gun control has been a popular national topic of debate in recent weeks, and it appears as though that debate will also be taken up at the Roundhouse during the upcoming 60-day legislative session.

Rep. Miguel P. Garcia, an Albuquerque Democrat, today announced he plans to introduce a bill that would require mandatory background checks be performed prior to any firearms sales at gun shows or between private individuals.

He said the legislation had been in the works even before the Dec. 14 shooting in which 26 victims were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“We’re just not doing this on the the coattails of some recent incident,” Garcia said.

The legislation would require the state Department of Public Safety to set up a telephone number that would have to be staffed seven days a week. Individuals selling guns would have to call that number in order to determine the eligibility of would-be buyers to own a weapon.

A similar system is currently in place for authorized arms dealers.

Check tomorrow’s Journal for more details.


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