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New Mexico Drought Forecast: Dry Through July (At Least)

The Climate Prediction Center’s seasonal forecast, out this morning, offers little hope for drought relief in New Mexico at least through July. Here’s the critical map, which shows odds of wetter or drier conditions in the continental United States through the end of April:





Seasonal precipitation forecast

Seasonal precipitation forecast, courtesy Climate Prediction Center

The brown blob stretching from southern California all the way to Texas (and swallowing up New Mexico completely) means the CPC thinks that the odds favor drier than average weather out through the end of April. They do these forecasts in three-month chunks, and the later time windows don’t look any better. Here’s May-June-July:

Seasonal forecast

May-June-July precipitation outlook, courtesy Climate Prediction Center

As I wrote in this morning’s paper, Albuquerque is preparing for a stage one drought declaration, and the state’s reservoirs are largely empty going into a third year of drought.


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