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Mayor targeting property crime

Mayor Richard Berry rolled out a new package of initiatives Friday aimed at tackling property crime.

He wants to cooperate with businesses to access their live video feeds, highlight repeat offenders using the city website and other media, and pass new legislation making it harder to sell stolen copper.

Berry said city crime rates hit a 20-year low before climbing slightly.

“Although these statistics show a slight increase in property crime, it still shows that APD has been successful at making this city a bad place to be a criminal,” Berry said in a written statement.

In an announcement, the city said the plan includes:

  • Proposing a city ordinance to prohibit cash transactions on precious metals, such as copper.
  • Having police officers check for cars that are unlocked and putting business cards on the door reminding the owner to lock up next time.
  • Developing partnerships with businesses so the city can access their live video feeds through a video command center at police headquarters.
  • Expanding APD’s fleet of license-plate readers from three to 11 to help find stolen cars.
  • Highlighting repeat offenders on the city website, in social media and in news releases.
  • Using traffic cameras through the video command center to find stolen cars.

The city said some of the initiatives are already under way. Berry said the package announced Friday is the second round of attack on property crime.

In 2010, he announced a 15-point plan that included fingerprinting everyone who’s arrested and advertising property-crime offenders on billboards and in the newspaper.

— This article appeared on page C1 of the Albuquerque Journal