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Domenici Comments on Larry Craig

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Sen. Pete Domenici isn't one of those Senate Republicans ready to toss …

 … troubled Idaho Sen. Larry Craig immediately overboard because he was arrested for soliciting sex in a men's airport bathroom.

Domenici, who has served amiably with Craig for years on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, urged a little restraint as other Republicans – including Sens. John McCain and Norm Coleman – called for Craig's resignation.

 Here's the statement Domenici's office just provided me in response to a request I put in yesterday:

“We cannot rush to judgment here," Domenici said in a statement provided to the Journal. "The action being taken by the Senate Republican leadership is a good first step toward getting the facts. It’s important that we allow the legal process to run its course and the Senate Ethics Committee to conduct a thorough and fair investigation.”

Domenici is also the target of a Senate ethics investigation related to his controversial phone call to then-U.S. Attorney David Iglesias in the fall of 2006. The committee's investigation into Domenici is moving at a snail's pace — if at all. 



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