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Botanical Garden gets ax again

SANTA FE, N.M. — Does Gov. Susana Martinez have something against plants? For the second year in a row, she’s axed funding for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. That’s the trail and plantings already under construction near the state’s Museum Hill complex.

There are things not to like about the botanical garden. Some, for example, may regard the new network of ramadas, garden plots and grapevines, strung down the arroyo west of the museums, as architecturally overwrought. Others may deplore the attention the garden trail brings to an area that has long served neighborhood residents as a quiet and generally not-known-about green space.

The garden and trail is overseen by a nonprofit, not by a public entity like the city or the county. Still, we think it’s a fine addition to greater Santa Fe’s large, still growing and much used park and trail network.

We wonder, too, if the governor had taken a stroll around any part of this network, including the botanical garden. If she hasn’t, she should — we think she’d see that public expenditure on such amenities is not “wasteful pork,” as she characterized the botanical garden appropriation last year, but rather “your tax dollars at work,” the slogan that punctuates highway improvement project signs.


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