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Country singer gets to ‘just jam’ on next album

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Phil Hamilton rarely gets a Saturday off. So when he does, the Texas-based country musician tries to enjoy it.

“That’s a good and a bad thing,” he says of having a Saturday off. “The good is that we’re home one day earlier, the bad is that we aren’t playing a show. It’s a difficult thing to handle, but I’ll take the day off.”

Hamilton has been making his mark in country music the way most country musicians do – on the road. He’s been making music for more than a decade and he’s ready to release a live album.

“It’s something that I always wanted to do,” he explains. “But I never really felt like I had enough hits to do the album.”

When Hamilton talked to his manager, he realized that there was enough work in his career that would lend itself to a live show.

“My manager told me, ‘You have six top-10 singles on the country charts. You’re ready,'” he recalls. “When I thought about it, he was right. I just never remembered any of that. I’m always plugging away at the next step.”


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Hamilton says the reason he wanted to do a live record is because everything is slightly different. He says with studio albums, he is trying to shoot for a minute song so that it can be on radio.Hamilton says in addition to live versions of many of his songs, he will unveil two new tracks he’s written.”With playing live, I’m able to add so much more to each song,” he says. “The band is able to play longer and improvise and just jam together.”

He says he’s been working on material for a new full-length studio album and hopes that it will be out this fall.

“These two songs on the live album will just be a taste of what’s to come,” Hamilton says. “It’s going to be an album that has been inspired by my life on the road and how to deal with the relationship problems that arise when on the road. It’s a tough life that’s not made for everyone.”

While Hamilton has been on his current tour, he’s been trying out new material for his upcoming record.get a chance to rehearse before tours, so we do it then.””That’s the best place to test out the songs,” he says. “You automatically get a feel if the audience is going to like them. It’s also a good chance for the band to rehearse them on the road. We don’t