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UPDATED: SWAT situation ends peacefully in NE Heights

6:55 p.m. — After a two-hour standoff, 42-year-old Markell Greene surrendered peacefully to police after they tried to arrest him on several felony warrants.

Sheriff’s deputies were watching Greene in the 10000 block of Natalie Court NE. Greene fled from his house and barricaded himself in a house next door.

The neighbor’s house was empty and Greene was coaxed out by SWAT team and crisis negotiators.

Greene was wanted on several warrants for being a felon in possession of a firearm and drugs.

Sheriff’s deputies and the SWAT team are dealing with a “barricaded subject on the 10000 block of Natalie Court NE, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman.


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The initial alert about the SWAT situation did not say whether the suspect was armed or had hostages, but updates should be forthcoming soon.


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