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Gov. airs gripes about email thefts on Facebook

ov. Susana Martinez turned to Facebook on Wednesday to renew her complaints about the theft of her campaign emails.

Martinez offered her 350-word essay as a “thorough update” on the federal indictment of her former campaign manager, Jamie Estrada, for allegedly intercepting hundreds of emails sent to addresses associated with Martinez’s 2010 campaign website.

But the first-term Republican governor, who is lining up a bid for re-election, didn’t pass up a chance to fire shots at political opponents.

Martinez’s post took aim at Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman, whom she called “very active in trying to use the emails to attack me,” and Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Gary King, who she suggested was complicitous by releasing to the media the emails his office was given.


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“In politics, we should expect tough and vigorous debates on the issues,” Martinez wrote. “But it’s disgusting to see operatives committing crimes and invading the privacy of their political opponents just to score cheap political points.

“And it’s almost unbelievable that the state’s chief law enforcement officer interfered with an ongoing federal investigation by releasing emails he had to have known were stolen.” Martinez said in a clear reference to King.

Martinez’s post drew more than 1,000 “likes” from other Facebook users within hours.

Bregman did not return calls or email requests for comment.

King said Wednesday that his office released the emails because state open records laws required it.

“I understand why she would be distressed that these documents got out, and I have said that they seem to miss the point that it was their decision to hide what they were doing from the public eye by using their private emails,” King said.

Silent Sam? Reporters attempted to reach Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman for nearly a week after news broke about the federal indictment on the alleged email theft and FBI questioning about the Albuquerque Downs racino lease.

Still no word from Bregman, who was elected party chairman this year, thanks in part to his pledge to be more vocal in holding Martinez’s feet to the fire.

Then on Wednesday, Bregman chimed in with his first public remarks since the email indictment, sending a mass email to Democrats.

But instead of commenting on the email case, Bregman highlighted such recent party achievements as streamlined spending and a new party logo.

Again, he didn’t return requests for comment.