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Bregman strikes back in mass email after governor’s Facebook blast

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A day after catching flak for being uncharacter-istically mum, state Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman fired off a sharply worded attack Thursday on Gov. Susana Martinez.

Bregman’s rebuttal came after the Republican governor used her Facebook page on Wednesday to aim barbs at him for his reported connection to Jason Loera. Loera is a Democratic political consultant allegedly caught with child porn when the FBI searched his records last year for evidence of email thefts.

Bregman, who has continued to ignore reporters’ questions and requests for interviews, leveled his attack on Martinez in a mass email to Democrats and reporters.

He said the Republican governor was wrong to suggest he played a role in the theft of emails from her campaign accounts.


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“Over the last 48 hours Governor Martinez has attacked my integrity and character in an attempt to make a partisan issue out of a criminal investigation conducted by the US Attorney’s office,” Bregman wrote.

“… For the Governor to suggest or imply that I have done anything improper or violated any law is reprehensible,” Bregman wrote.

Bregman, an Albuquerque lawyer, came into the email story after he included an email in a legal filing for a private client. The email had been sent from a Gmail account the FBI says was the source of the stolen Martinez emails.

Meanwhile, a guest column Bregman wrote in 2012 on behalf of a group called Grassroots New Mexico identified as Loera as the group’s media contact.

Bregman, in his email blast Thursday, accused Martinez of bullying the U.S. Attorney’s Office into pursing an investigation into the theft of her emails.

“You should take a refresher course to better understand that you should not attempt to use your position as Governor to influence, inject politics into or bully the US Attorney’s office in their investigation,” Bregman wrote.

Bregman, referring to ongoing controversy over a Downs at Albuquerque racino lease, charged that the governor is trying to deflect attention from her political adviser, Jay McCleskey, and what Bregman called “the Dirty Downs Scandal.”

Then, Bregman wrote that he would make “no further comment” on the email investigation.

McCleskey and Martinez spokesman Enrique Knell said Bregman’s attacks are an effort to distract attention from his role in the stolen emails investigation.

“It is simply remarkable that Sam Bregman continues to refuse to answer very basic and pertinent questions — such as whether he knew the emails he was peddling were stolen or whether he had any role in the theft of them,” Knell said.

Neither Knell nor McCleskey, when asked to respond to Bregman’s email, offered comment on Bregman’s characterization of the Downs lease, which the Martinez administration has defended as fair and aboveboard.