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NM delegation proposes STEM bill

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico’s five-member Congressional delegation has proposed a bill that would put extra emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (which we call STEM now). They are actually calling the bill STEM-squared, with the second acronym standing for Support for Teachers in Education and Mentoring. Are they reaching a little? Sure. You would too if you thought you could get an exponent in the name of a math and science bill.

Specifically, the bill is intended to create networks among schools, businesses and community organizations to support learning in STEM areas. It would also provide grants to help local communities fund teacher training, to help teachers learn to teach STEM subjects more effectively.

And if you like that kind of thing, here’s the text of the whole bill.

The news release has quotes from each member of the delegation. I’m not going to post all of them, but here’s one from Sen. Tom Udall, just to give you the flavor:

“New Mexico has a rich history involving STEM fields and this bill will encourage a new generation of students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in these areas,” Udall said. “As education legislation moves forward in the Senate, I will be making the case that STEM subjects should be given priority attention so our students can have the tools they need to compete (in) an increasingly global economy.”


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