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Burrito bomb threat called in to FBI office

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Man called W.Va. from ABQ, said he was going to put explosive in food

A man angry at the federal government threatened to blow up the Albuquerque FBI field office with explosives folded into a burrito, according to authorities.

Brian DeMarco, 50, called a public access FBI number on Tuesday with the threat. DeMarco told agents that he was angry at the U.S. government for planting a tracking device into his head, in addition to beaming photons into his brain, according to a federal criminal complaint. DeMarco made the call to a West Virginia FBI office from his room at the Super 8 Motel on Iliff Road in Albuquerque.

Agents arrested DeMarco on Thursday, just as he was boarding a bus to Amarillo, Texas, at the Albuquerque Greyhound bus station.

DeMarco is facing charges of violating interstate communications laws and creating a hoax.

In addition to the burrito threat, DeMarco told agents that he had placed a timed bomb with C-4 explosives at the Albuquerque Social Security Administration building. The building was evacuated and swept for explosives. Nothing was found, according to the complaint.


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On Wednesday, agents interviewed DeMarco at the hotel room, where he told investigators that he had made similar threats before in California, and that he learned how to make a variety of bombs while in prison. He said he knew how to make suitcase bombs out of manure and diesel fuel, and that he knew how to make a timer to set them off.

DeMarco then told investigators he’d previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and that he made the threats knowing he’d be sent to jail.