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8:30am — Copper Thieves Disrupt Phone Service

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Valencia County deputies say someone ripped off a 300-foot phone line late Monday night.

Qwest workers spent the day Tuesday trying to restore phone service to more than 500 customers in Valencia County after copper thieves stole phone lines, KOB-TV reported.

Sheriff's deputies said thieves ripped off a 300-foot section of phone line late Monday night, disrupting phone service, Eyewitness News 4 reported.

Deputies said the thieves are likely stealing copper, which currently sells for about $4 a pound, to support their drug habits, according to KOB-TV. (The Associated Press reports that the wholesale price of copper is currently $3 a pound.)

Qwest is offering a reward to help find the people responsible for the thefts, deputies told KOB-TV. 


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