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5:50am — Taos School Fights Go Round the World

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Superintendent says student fight videos posted on YouTube have already been dealt with.

Taos Schools Superintendent Loretta DeLong told The Taos News that student fight videos posted on YouTube already have been dealt with, but cautioned that she wasn't sure the videos were genuine.

The videos posted Sept. 20 on YouTube purportedly showed cell-phone footage of fights in classrooms at Taos middle and high schools and near the high school football field, the News reported.

The videos, which were linked to sites as far away as Japan, were taken down by Monday afternoon, the paper said.

Principals at the middle and high schools declined to comment, but DeLong said the fights were weeks old and had been addressed in the schools, the News reported.

"We don't allow it. We ask our students to turn off their cell phones in school," DeLong told the paper. "With us, it's already been taken care of. We're glad it was brought to our attention."


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DeLong also expressed some doubt that all the videos were genuine.

"We have to look at the fact that these can be falsified," she told the News. "You don't know that what you're viewing is in fact real. It might say a Taos school, but how do you know? Some of them we could tell were at the high school, but one with the middle school we didn't know for sure."