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Fire breaks out at North Valley Library

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The North Valley Library was closed after an early morning fire of unknown cause broke out Wednesday, county fire spokesman Larry Gallegos said.

The fire started in the Children’s section, which was heavily damaged, but it was quickly extinguished after North Valley firefighters responded to the call at about 6:25 a.m. Wednesday, Gallegos said.

“We got the fire out pretty quickly, but not before there was extensive damage to the Children’s section; a lot of books gone, book shelves and and carpeting,” he said.

Gallegos said there was smoke and water damage to the whole library, which is located at 7704 2nd Street NW.

The County Fire Marshals Office was investigating to try and determine the cause of the blaze. Gallegos said he didn’t know how long the library would be closed.

“Right now, the cleanup alone is going to take a lot of time and to replace carpeting, shelving and other damage will also take time,” he said, adding that officials will develop a damage assessment.

North Valley Fire Stations 30, 31 and 36 responded.


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