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7am — Police Truck Recovered

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Unmarked pickup stolen from SID agent’s home found in South Valley.

A 2004 gray Ford F-150 taken from Sgt. Conrad Chavira’s home in Westgate Heights Wednesday morning has been located, but there are still some loose ends — a semi-automatic rifle and shotgun are still missing,  according to Department of Public Safety spokesman Peter Olson.

The agent for the DPS’s Special Investigations Division was warming up his truck and went into his house, but when he came out the truck was gone. Olso said  it is standard operating procedure for agents to lock their vehicles when leaving it unattended, but that someone apparently broke a window on the passenger’s side to gain entry into Chavira’s vehicle.

Olson said a South Valley resident noticed the truck near his home and the truck — minus the guns and a significant quantity of ammunition — was recovered Wednesday night not far from where it was stolen.

But not before TV news broke into their broadcasts Wednesday evening to report that a gray pickup driven by a suspected drunken driver had been pulled over on Interstate 40. It turned out to be a false alarm, though. The truck was a Dodge, not a Ford.


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