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Prospective owner talks about country club plans

The prospective new owner of Chamisa Hills Country Club expects to make improvements and have public and private access.

Michael Schumacher of BIZDOC Inc. spoke about his plans at City Councilor Mark Scott’s “First Fridays with Mark” citizen meeting Friday.

Schumacher said he doesn’t expect to find anything new in the 60-day due-diligence period that would make him change his mind about buying the club.

“The strategy is coming together,” he said.

Schumacher plans to continue use of the golf course, pool, tennis courts and restaurant. He expects to spend $700,000 remodeling the clubhouse and $1.5 million restoring the north nine holes of the golf course, plus replacing the whole course’s sprinkler system and resurfacing the tennis courts.

Sprinkler systems last 15-20 years normally, he said, and Chamisa Hills’ system is more than 30 years old. The club uses 27 percent more water than the average golf course in the Southwest, with substandard results, he said.

Schumacher plans to work on the course in nine-hole phases, starting with rehabilitation of the north course. He expects to have 18 holes open throughout the work.


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Changes will include soil rehabilitation and xeriscaping, but it probably won’t be a desert course, he said.

Schumacher has the goal of offering memberships and allowing the public to pay to use the club. He said he and his son would have an office at the club and one would be there every day.

“This is my livelihood. This is what we do. We turn around companies and provide capital,” Schumacher said, adding that his company is in Rio Rancho to stay.

BIZDOC has helped turn around more than eight companies, including Zanios Foods in Albuquerque, over the past 10 years, Schumacher said.

“He’s good at analyzing the needs of a company and knowing how to reconstruct it,” said Zanios Food owner Jim Zanios.