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Conservative voices are again being silenced

By Anita Statman

Almost every day now, you hear something in the news that limits the conservative voice. We recently learned that the Big 3 media progressive companies – Google, Apple and Amazon – have dismantled Parler.

Parler is a relatively new platform for uncensored conservative conversations. They took away the advertisers, they took it off the App Store and Google, and they even removed its servers – literally.

If it were just corporate greed, it would be easier to take. While no one is sadder than I that Neiman Marcus was permanently closed this summer, we understand that they just couldn’t compete. That’s a market-driven data point. (Well, the closing of most of their major storefronts didn’t help, either.)

But this feels much different. The Big 3 still allow unfettered access to Tik Tok – the app that the Chinese government uses to spy on children and us. Tinder is available, too, at the Apple store. However, when downloads of Parler went from 4 billion to 8 billion last week after Twitter banned Trump for life, it was too much for them. And so Big Media killed it.

We need conservative platforms. We need uncensored platforms. It’s in our American DNA to talk, debate, share ideas and be social, now more than ever, since our connections with people are limited – because of the socialist state policies that we can’t make decisions for ourselves.

You may think that this type of censorship doesn’t really affect us. But it does.

Our Santa Fe Federated Republican Women Facebook page is a place where we can vent, laugh and talk. But, just last month, Facebook censored one of our club members. Each time this person continues to post – about twice a week – I get an email from Facebook asking me to individually approve these posts. The censorship is blatant in that Facebook decided I have to approve these posts for 60 days. The time is near when we will have to consider a new platform for our club.

These actions by the totalitarian left, such as the removal of Parler, are all around us.

We need to be vigilant in recognizing that our freedoms are under attack. We’re all wearing masks, restaurants are closed, highway signs actually tell us to stay home and, now, our ability to choose media platforms is being taken away from us. I know and love these United States, rooted in the belief in the individual, in states’ rights and capitalism.

Nonetheless, I can’t ignore the fact that, today, it feels more like Communist China.

This leads me to New Mexico’s legislative session that opened on Jan. 19, EXCEPT that it’s not open to the public!

But that won’t deter us.

The session will be packed with despicable and insidious attacks on our families, faith and freedom, such as decriminalizing marijuana, reducing protections for pregnant women and red flag laws.

Please respond to our calls for action. We may ask you to make calls to the governor’s office, to send emails to certain legislators or to rally at the state Capitol, socially distanced with masks.

Our voices matter.

The socialist-led and progressive Legislature must hear from the other side. Comments from the public are recorded and counted. Please help us show the Legislature that we’re here and we will be heard.

Anita Statman of Santa Fe is the 3rd Congressional District vice chair of the Republican Party of New Mexico.


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