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Wrongful death suit still pending

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — There’s still a civil wrongful death lawsuit, filed by Tera Chavez’s family, to be decided in state District Court in Bernalillo County.

The city of Albuquerque already has paid Tera’s family $230,000 to settle claims against itself and APD in the civil case. The money was placed in an account for Tera and Levi Chavez’s two children.

That leaves Levi Chavez as the sole defendant in the civil matter, which had been on hold since his indictment to allow the criminal case to reach a conclusion.

“The estate of Tera Chavez plans to evaluate all options that would conclude the remaining count in the civil case,” attorney Brad Hall, who is representing Tera’s family, wrote in a prepared statement.

In an interview later Tuesday, Hall said those options include seeking a settlement with Levi Chavez or taking the case to trial.


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The latter could happen as soon as state District Judge Ted Baca sets a date.