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Locals’ revenue tends to stay here

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Surveys of area businesses suggest the revenue they receive is far more likely to stay in Albuquerque than revenue out-of-state chains take in, according to a study commissioned by KeepItQuerque-Buy Local, an interest group organized by business owners in 2003 to encourage consumers to patronize local merchants.

The study, performed by Civic Economics, which has offices in Chicago and Austin, found that 15 Albuquerque retailers “return a total of 39 percent of all revenue to the local economy,”and eight restaurants in Albuquerque “return a total of 77.3 percent.”

Four major national chain stores “recirculate an average of 13.6 percent of all revenue within the local markets that host its stores,” Civic Economics said. Three national chain restaurants “recirculate an average of 30.4 percent within the local market.”

Civic Economics said it evaluates profits local owners retain, wages paid to local workers, procurement of goods for internal use, procurement of local goods for resale and charitable giving in the community.

The firm surveyed local companies as diverse as AHL Garden Supply, Calibers Indoor Shooting Range, Marble Brewery, Vinaigrette and the Amish Connection.

Its comparison to national chains came from evaluation of the annual reports of Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Office Max, Target, Darden, McDonald’s and PF Chang’s.

Civic Economics concluded that national chains “extract locally generated revenues from the community with each nightly bank transaction,” while the local firms “are creating a virtuous cycle of local spending” that leads to extra jobs and tax revenues.


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