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BEYONCE IS OUTRAGED at the Zimmerman verdict. She holds a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin. I wonder, did she hold a moment of silence for the thousands of victims of Moammar Gadhafi of Libya, when she performed for him? Hypocrite. – A.C.

I AM NOT GREEDY and rich nor dumb and stupid and I am a Republican. Stop “profiling!” – K.F.M.

THERE WON’T be $56 million in new spending by Mexicans resulting from the border zone extension rule change from 25 miles to 55 miles. All the change means is that Mexicans now will now have an additional 30 miles to be free to scatter with their drugs and illegal alien status. – G.K.

OH, FREAKING-A-TWEETY! New blue recycling containers for Albuquerque residents! Twice more garbage for us to pick up from our properties after the solid waste trucks do their pickups! Yay! Who wouldn’t rejoice over that! Not ! – J.G.C.


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ALBUQUERQUE MAY be a ghost town in 10 years for lack of water yet APS’s Brad Winter expects new homes and businesses to dot the landscape around the new football stadium on the West Mesa … in the desert ? Where does APS send people to learn to talk like that? – M.G.

CONSIDERING WHO paid for it, shouldn’t it be named “The New Mexico Taxpayers’ Pit?” – J.B.

SEEING BEING A “community organizer” doesn’t guarantee one will be skilled at organizing the country, neither does being an (Hispanic) artist guarantee one would be a good National Hispanic Cultural Center director. Nevertheless, because N.M. has a plethora of (Hispanic) artists, strange we can’t find a dual-tasker (and especially apolitical ) director here! – B.M.

YOUNG, BLACK MALES are being killed in record numbers in Chicago – where is the NAACP, the outrage, and the protestors for those young men? – L.P.C.

WOW, “LONE RANGER” filming in New Mexico, state looks great on film, tourists will flock to same just to take in the Land of Enchantment. Sounded wonderful for the tourism industry and money back on the film. Now all we have to do is get people to go see it. Oh well, maybe next time. – W.J.K.

(GEORGE) ZIMMERMAN found not guilty. Now we are talking about trying him under different laws until protestors get the verdict they want. Interesting how that works. Shame on all of us for tolerating this “verdict shopping.” – B.B.

I WAS NOT on that jury. Neither were you. – R.M.W.

I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHO is hiring the APD cops. If they’re not out shooting people down, they’re engaging in illicit affairs. Aren’t there provisions for moral turpitude in their contracts and if not, why not? – W.E.B.


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TO THOSE WHO disagree with the acquittal of George Zimmerman – don’t complain that “the system didn’t work.” The system always “works.” It may not give you the result you wanted, but it always works. – B.L.

APS’ REACTION to our legitimate dismay about a new road at Jefferson Middle School is to rationalize their mishandled planning and try to shift the blame for this sorry situation to the neighborhood. Typical “shoot the messenger” strategy. These arrogant and disdainful bureaucrats have lost my vote on public school bond issues. – E.J.

INSTANT DEMOCRATS. Just add amnesty. – D.H.

WITH ALL THE wife swapping taking place within APD, maybe the creator of “Breaking Bad” can begin filming a new TV series in Albuquerque. He can call it “Shades of Blue.” Or “Desperate Cops.” What a disgrace! – D.L.M.

WOMEN MARRIED to APD officers need to get tested for STDs. And more than that – men married to female officers most definitely need to get tested. This gives a new meaning to shooting from the hip. – M.P.P.

TO BE A DEMOCRAT, you are poor by choice, jealous of the rich, always blame Bush, a cry baby, and most of all a lover of more taxes. – A.E.