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State Dems urge RR voters to support higher ed

Postings on Twitter and Facebook by the Democratic Party of New Mexico are asking voters who participate in the Aug. 20 special election in Rio Rancho to say “No” to reducing the quarter-cent higher education gross receipts tax.

“Don’t quit on our kids now” says the slogan on Twitter at  @NMDems and on Facebook at It says reducing the tax would take money from higher education in Rio Rancho.

The Facebook posting says “Paid for and Authorized by the Democratic Party of New Mexico.”

Voters approved the tax in 2008 to benefit a four-year higher education institution. The tax has brought in about $2 million annually.

Under an agreement with the University of New Mexico, the city has used tax revenue to cover a portion of the building costs for the UNM West campus which opened in 2010.


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A majority of Rio Rancho Councilors have said they support reducing the tax to one-eighth of a cent. If voters approve the reduction, they say they want to create a new one-eighth cent tax to generate revenue for police and firefighters.

A rival group which supports reducing the tax is also campaigning on Facebook at