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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Suspect accused of assaulting bus driver

Two city bus passengers helped police catch a man accused of spitting on a bus driver and clobbering him with a rock Sunday afternoon, Albuquerque police said.

About 1:30 p.m., bus driver Robert Gallegos was driving a bus north of Montgomery on San Mateo when 37-year-old Michael Fisher got on the bus, spat in Gallegos’ face and whacked him with a large rock, causing a head injury, according to Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Simon Drobik. Gallegos was taken to Presbyterian Hospital for observation and required either stitches or staples for a wound that drew blood, he said.


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Carl Ray, 56, and Sean Adams, 37, were on the bus and saw the incident. They followed the attacker and detained him until police arrived, Drobik said.

Fisher was booked on charges of aggravated battery and held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Drobik said in a statement.

Drobik said that Fisher’s wife had been asked by Gallegos to disembark from the bus in the recent past, and that Fisher had boarded the bus with the intention of striking Gallegos in retaliation.

“It was definitely not random,” Drobik said.

Agencies, adult clubs discuss sex trafficking

Joining a shift among law enforcement agencies across the country, a group of New Mexico sheriffs, federal agents and a dozen Texas state troopers met with adult club owners in Albuquerque last week to discuss ways to battle sex trafficking.

The meeting and workshops sponsored by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations were part of a broader effort to get adult industry officials and law enforcement agencies together on new initiatives aimed at tackling sex trafficking in areas around the country.

Kevin Abar, assistant special agent in charge of Home Security Investigations in New Mexico, said the purpose of the workshops is to help adult club owners look for signs of sex trafficking and to educate investigators on how club owners operate businesses.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, sex trafficking involves prostitution and other adult services that are induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person is under 18 years old.