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Sports Speak Up!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — n I HOPE THE UNM Academic Administration and Athletic Administation reward Ms. Yvonne Sanchez with the position of Head Basketball Coach for the UNM Women’s program. She has proved her loyalty to the program, the institution, the community and the players. NCAA D-1 schools do not wait around to hire a quality person. UNM should fill from within and allow Coach Sanchez the opportunity to show the State of New Mexico she is the right person, right now for this position.

— Claudie/Rio Rancho

♦ ALTHOUGH KELLY GRAVES (yes, the former Lobo), just renewed his contract with Gonzaga for 10 additional years, I have heard that he may be the best women’s coach in America. Mr. Krebs, if you want the PIT with 10k-14K screaming fans and the program to reach the Elite 8, please go get Mr. Graves.



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♦ I AGREE WITH Nathan. Go ahead and hire Neil Patick Harris (a.k.a. Doogie Howser) as the next Lady Lobos Coach. The program will save a ton of money when he puts his MD skills acquired at the age of 7, to perform ACL & MCL surgery in the offseason on injured players.

— Brian, NW Abq.

♦ COACH FLANAGAN: yes, you may be remembered for your “looks,” However, and more importantly, you will be remembered for your class, your grace, and your integrity. Thanks for all the great years. Enjoy your retirement! You’ve earned it!

— Milne Queen

♦ ANYONE THINKING Steve Alford has set the bar low and hints that he’s no better than McKay has a very short memory. Two conference championships in four years, 98 victories, a winning road percentage, an NCAA win, good player performance in the classroom, and a cohesive team atmosphere all speak for themselves.

— ML

♦ WATCHING “Between the Lines” on Sportscenter this morning they were discussing removing checking from hockey to reduce concussions that players are suffering. I’ve always thought that punnishment should fit the crime, if you take a players head off with an illegal hit and he’s on injured reserve for a number of weeks then you should be banished for the same number of games that he misses., if his career is ended then so should yours.

— Dave Hunt, Albuquerque