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Quirky Leach to Quirky 'Burque?


I’m not sure how I feel about someone from Las Vegas, Nev., calling Albuquerque quirky, though I suppose we as a community have been called worse. Can’t say I’ve seen any Elvis impersonators walking the streets here lately, though.

Nor am I at all sure that Mike Leach or anybody else could provide a quick fix for what ails the UNM football program.

Yes, a Leach, and perhaps a Rich Rodriguez as well, would come in and install an offense that would keep opposing defensive coordinators awake at night — something Mike Locksley never accomplished.

But are there any quick fixes on the other side of the ball?  Hal Mumme, who taught Leach most of what he knows about offensive football, generated a ton of yards and quite a few points as head coach of the New Mexico State Aggies from 2005-08. But he won only 11 of 49 games because the defense gave up points faster than the offense could score them.

Would recruits flock to Albuquerque because Mike Leach was the coach? Some would, maybe, especially on offense. But some moms and dads, considering the baggage Leach acquired at Texas Tech, might lean the other way.


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I’m not saying Leach wouldn’t or couldn’t succeed here, just that the UNM job is beyond quirky.

Quick fixes? Really?

Anyone who’s followed UNLV football should know better.