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Sports Speak Up!

– Mike, Chicago

♦ WHAT AN INCREDIBLE super bowl win for eli manning and the new york giants. another fourth qtr. comeback and mvp. i’d say eli is an elite quarterback alright. congratulations guys.

– alice

n IN WATCHING Paul Krebs, Bob Davie, (including interviews with members of his staff), Steve Alford, Jeremy Fishbein, and Ray Birmingham, it is clear to me that this is the greatest collection of top notch professionals running our athletic programs at the University of New Mexico ever. I don’t think I have ever seen a more focused, driven, and committed group at the helm. We have had some talented coaches in the past, but not a collection of professionals in these sports, like we have now and certainly not all at the
same time.

♦ MIKE LOCKSLEY is gone. Good riddance. Any more anything about him belongs in the “etc.” of “Quick Hits”.



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♦ EVERYONE SEEMS to be very excited that after this “tough” stretch of four games the Lobos are now the great team everyone thought they were at the beginning of the season. Reality check…after losing two in a row to the only respectable teams they played all year, the Lobos have one four straight against teams with an average RPI of 122. Once again Lobo fans; it isn’t the wins and record it is who you play.

– DC

♦ THE 2012 Mountain West Conference television schedule for baseball has been released. The rundown for regular season appearances on The Mtn. is as follows: San Diego State 20, TCU 9, UNLV 5 and New Mexico 4. At least the MWC defending tournament champion Lobos are up from 1 appearance last year. Of course both SDSU and TCU are leaving the conference. It’s once again another opportunity for Paul Krebs to step up on behalf of Lobo fans and protest to conference officials…Or stay silent. Which will he choose?

– Joseph
— This article appeared on page D2 of the Albuquerque Journal