Sports Speak Up! Readers sound off on Lobo hoops, men and women

SO IN RETROSPECT, Paul Krebs looked at one year head coach Weir at NMSU and his impressive victories over basketball powerhouses Texas Rio Grand Valley, Missouri Kansas City, CSU Bakersfield, Chicago State, etc, and said we need some of that at UNM. Now Weir slinks out of town having lost most of his team and refusing to speak to the press, most likely to pursue more degrees and quote more philosophers. Worst hire in Lobo history … well, McKay isn’t far behind.

— Allan, ABQ

NO ON TIM MILES. No excitement with him and I think to get the fan base back and excite new ones, Coop! He wants to be here! We’ve had the people with degrees, and Coop certainly needs to finish, but just having a degree has done nothing for the current program. With the Pit not the building it once was, we need every fan in the seat. Also, Bob Lamphier’s insights today — spot on!


TO COACH LAMPHIER, who bemoaned the decline of Lobo basketball and The Pit: you are so right! … Believe it or not, this was the best, most exciting, place in the country to play. No, we didn’t win all our games, but we were always competitive and had thrilling rivalries. The reason for the decline? The coaches we selected? Sure. The bigger issue, however, is the poor choices made by UNM administration of ADs. Not only ignorant of our past traditions, but the arrogance of Bridgers, Davalos, Krebs and now Nunez is the real reason for our decline.

— Frank, South Valley

GREAT TO SEE local products Clay Patterson and Eloy Medina get playing time in Weir’s final game. They represented New Mexico well. Hopefully the new guy will continue the tradition of playing local talent.

— Pope of the Westside

A HUGE THANK YOU to Makuach Maluach. You were a pleasure to watch. You will always be a Lobo and I hope we see you come back to say “Hello” to the many fans who feel as I do. You will be missed.

— Rudy the Attorney

THE BEST AVAILABLE coach out there to coach in the Pit is Rick Pitino. He did nothing wrong at Louisville (blame Adidas). Iona pays him $1.1M. Offer him 1.2. He loves the Southwest.

— Wildcat & Lobo fan. And, E. Mtn. Engineer

SAD TO SEE the Lobo women lose a game they should have won; but give Fresno credit. They dove after every loose ball while the Lobos just watched or casually ran to the ball. Combine that with too many unforced turnovers; no blocking out on the boards; and a head coach (Bradbury) that doesn’t know how to coach at the end of the game. I will say this about Bradbury — he is consistent. He consistently loses at the MWC tournament when he is the higher seed.

— Dave

THE MWC STACKED the deck against our Lobo women, inequitably making us play eight games in the two weeks before the MWC Tournament, while it only made Fresno State play three games in the same period. No wonder either, that CSU, which we beat twice to win the regular season championship (and) had the exact same, unfair scheduling issue, lost its tourney game, as well. Tired legs and bodies vs. fresh ones. It doesn’t take a genius to predict the results that have just occurred. Thanks Governor, you too contributed mightily to this unfair result occurring.

— Unfulfilled Opportunities Again

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