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Sports Speak Ups! — Your Thoughts on UNM's Win Over Southern

  • CONGRATULATIONS  to Coach Davie and the Lobo football team (especially the ones who endured the past three seasons) for the exciting game Saturday. It was a great start to the new season. Most gratifying to witness was the overall lack of penalties against the Lobos and a very improved kicking game. I believe there was only one 5 yard penalty assessed, which is a direct tribute to Coach Davie’s discipline, and every one of Justice Adams’ kickoffs reached the end zone, or beyond. Reality arrives next week, however, but I’m hopeful that if the Lobos can be competitive in both the Texas and Texas Tech games, possibly beat NMSU in Las Cruces, and return to Albuquerque no worse than 2-2 (perhaps 3-1), there will be a packed University stadium for the September 29th game against Boise State University. Go Lobos!

— Bob, UNM Area

  • AFTER WATCHING Southern University, a haiku at my friend Ernie’s request. They were unbelievable. UNM is to be commended for bringing this entertainment to Albuquerque:

The band was stunning,
Human Jukebox’s plain awesome,
Thanks. Please come again.
— Mark
So true. But we need a judge’s ruling. I get what you’re trying to do, but I think “Jukebox’s” is three syllables, which puts you one over. — Randy, Journal

  • THAT HUGE gale wind you heard at approx 6:19 p.m. on Saturday night was the sound of 25,000 Lobo fans exhaling in unison. Yes, our football team, our disciplined, well coached football team sprinted from the starting blocks to a huge season opening blowout win. Yes, our football team is undefeated. Congrats to Coach Davie and the players for a huge, confidence building, season opening victory. A big shout out to the Southern Univ marching band. You guys ROCKED!! I would have much preferred to watch the band perform the entire second half instead of their football team. Lastly, a even bigger shout out to Turner & Margaret Branch for the new stadium diggs. The Lobo Nation is forever indebted to you and your generosity. Lobo football is back !!

 — George Scott, Lobo basketball ’85.

  • WHY DIDN’T UNM schedule Highlands, Western or Eastern and keep the $350,000 payday in the state? I hope this was scheduled before the current coach arrived. If it wasn’t, it’s not too early to fire him. And how much did the Southern band get to help fill the seats?

— Ben


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