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Sports Speak Up!!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ CONGRATS TO Coach Davie and the Lobos on their big win esp. after having gone 3-33. But, UNM’s next four games are grueling for any college (w/at Texas, at Texas Tech., at NMSU, and then Boise St. at home … Ouch ). Yet , that’s why they play the games and thankfully, there’s more optimism for this 2012 UNM football team.

— Go Lobos!

♦ IT IS AMAZING to me that the Southern Band who is one of the top collegiate marching bands in the Nation & who took up to (18) hours by bus to get here to University Stadium & the announcer at the stadium did wait until the last minute to announce to fans that they would be performing at the end of the game also. I agree with other fans, absolutely inexcusable!


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— Slg

♦ TO “MOONDOG” The Lobo announcer mentioned the Southern band postgame show earlier in the 4th quarter, not during the last minute kneeldown. However, you’re right — many fans were already gone due to the traditional “3rd Quarter Exodus” which seems to happen every game (whether we’re up by 50 down by 50 or tied). Maybe if fans could manage to stay for a whole game, they would’ve been there to hear the announcement. (It always amuses me to hear people complain about traffic leaving the game. If you want until the end of the game, there’s usually not much traffic!) Thanks again, Southern band! Great show!

— aldrich

♦ IN THIS DAY and age of technology, if a football game is produced and televised, there’s a way to get the signal sent almost anywhere. While UNM’s administrative entourage is watching the game and having dinner in a sky-box in Austin, the rest of us will be gathered around a radio in the same vein as our beloved President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘fireside chats.’ (Sure we will… Sorry Lobos but we’re in the 21st century now … We’ll catch the final score and look for you vs. Texas Tech in Lubbock next week.)

— Joseph

♦ LET’S ADD Roger Clemens to the list of those faded celebrities who should stay home and be quiet. This list includes Brent Musburger and Tommy Lasorda. Guys, please!

— J. O.

♦ I DON’T KNOW why, but I detect a better sports page in the last few days with the expanded coverage of the state, including a reporter at the Aggie football opener and the in-depth Highlands U grid preview. In New Mexico, most people are interested in all of the teams in the state as a survey of the hometowns of the Albuquerque-Santa Fe metro area will show.

— Ben
— This article appeared on page D3 of the Albuquerque Journal