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Sports Speak Up!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ UNBELIEVABLE the pandemonium of having 2 wins for the Lobo football team! A win next week then….boom!! Bobby for Governor! To be continued…….

— El Hombre

♦ LET’S START filling up the stands in our show of support. “WE ARE LOBOS… HOOOWWWLLL!!!!”


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— egf

♦ IN (SATURDAY’S) Journal, the sports TV listings show 58(!) teams to be televised. But not UNM. Doesn’t that tell us everything we need to know about football at UNM? Please don’t blame it on the Aggies. UNM is the Big Dog in our state. It just doesn’t act like it.

— Max

♦ TO THE (so called) lobo fans whom turned their backs on the lobos these past (3) years, now that the lobos are starting to win, please don’t come back as you were never a (true) lobo fan to begin with.

— passionate lobo fan

♦ CONGRATULATIONS to the Lobo football team and Coach Davie for the big win over NMSU and being 2-2 at this point. Realistically this is the best we could have hoped for, and looking ahead at the remainder of the schedule, with the MWC being so down, the Lobos could reasonably end the season at 500. This would be a huge improvement of recent years past. Coach Davie appears to be a class act, someone the team and fans can look up to, and is in direct contrast to his predecessor who was an absolute embarrassment to the Lobo football program. It’s Coach Davie’s approach to the game, and his insistence on team discipline that will put fannies back in the stands. Better days are ahead.

— Bob, UNM Area

♦ DIDN’T I SAY last week that Atrisco Tec had been added to the schedule!


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— Jimmy, Albuquerque

♦ THIS IS THE beginning of the new Davie Era. Great game against NMSU. We are 2-2 & what a great feeling that is. Now lets sell out University/Branch stadium vs Boise State. We are New Mexico & WE ARE THE LOBO NATION !

— lobo -4- life

♦ WOW! A BRONCOS loss on page one of Mondays sports section and a Dallas victory on page three? A new sports Editor? If this continues, or they both disappear all togetherI might have to renew my subscription for another year.

— jo

♦ Q: WHAT DO Barack Obama, Danica Patrick, and Lobo fans all have in common? A: If they don’t win or get what they want it is always somebody else’s fault.

— Bulldog-61
— This article appeared on page D2 of the Albuquerque Journal