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CONGRATULATIONS TO the Lobos, After the first week of college basketball you were leading the nation, or tied with Missouri, for the most free throws shot in a game, 44., Only difference is Missouri’s opponent shot 29 attempts, and won their game by tons. Your opponent shot 20 free throws and were only beaten by 5. They beat you in field goal percentage, 3 pt percentage, and basically in all categories. Yet the only stat you won was out scoring them by 25 at the line. The road games are coming, and the —– will hit the fan.

— Skip

TO RCJHKU, there is no return game scheduled of the Kansas Jayhawks coming to play here at the PIT. Could the reason be related somehow to the word FEAR? Because to me a true champion wouldn’t be afraid to face a full force of gladiators. PERIOD!



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FACT: THE UNM “PIT” since opening day 1966 has been deemed #1 “most Intimidating College arena in the country”. Allen Field House ranks #4….Another Poll “TOP #15 Basketball Arenas” has Allen Field House # 3..UNM “PIT” #5. The PIT is Bigger, Noisier and Scarier than Allen Field House.

— Vince Guillen

Vince, it’s obviously opinion, not “fact,” when you’re talking about “scarier” and “intimidating.” But in that context, don’t forget Duke. Or Utah State. Ask coach Marvin Menzies at NMSU, who has said Logan is up there with University Arena as a difficult road environment.

— Randy, Journal

LIKED THE music and balloon glow for the Davidson game. What a comeback and great for our RPI. Special Shape balloons are the best. Wouldn’t it be great to have a menacing looking silver and cherry NM Lobo Balloon for special events and during Balloon Fiesta Week. Louie and Louise Balloons would be great for the young at heart. Go Lobos!

— TTrujillo

EL HOMBRE, you (are) wrong! I went to Elementary School in the 1950s at the height of the (cold war). Our Elementary Teachers taught us (the) protocol for placing your hand on (your heart), was the Pledge of Allegiance; (not) the National Anthem! Protocol for the National Anthem was to have (your hands) respectfully placed at your sides, or clasped in front, or in back of your body.

— Watchful

TO LARRY THE VOL: You are obviously now in NM. Please discontinue your tirades on the Vols and the over-rated SEC. No one here gives a dink. Any school that has to pay its coaching staff 17 million dollars when they are fired should consult Paul Krebs about getting away with ONLY PAYING 2 MILLION to our former pathetic coaches. Please write about things that are prevalent to NM, or quit sending in your non-meaningful quips.

— Jb

Too bad there were “ONLY” 7,000 fanatic fans in the PIT to view this great (Texas Tech-UNM women’s basketball) game. This is why we buy the tickets, for this type of game. Having travelled to Lubbock last year, this was redemption! Hope to have a PIT CROWD for Houston Baptist on Sunday.

— A Section S Fan

— This article appeared on page D5 of the Albuquerque Journal