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Now I’m Just Another Twit

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Social media, here I come. Me, or whoever that guy is in the photo next to this column.

Has it really been 16 years since my last mug shot?

Curse you Randy Harrison for making us all show our true identities.

Anyway, much has changed in my life — professionally and personally — in the time between those photos. The biggest difference in the former, of course, is social media.


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OK, that and about 3 million other things. But the social media thing is a monster.

E-mails, on-line chats, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, websites — heck, I thought we hit the ultimate in modernization with those brick cell phones in the early ’90s. Man, how could you beat that? Technology, of course, has come light years since I got that brick (same cell phone number, by the way), and it’s about time I take the next step and join the new world, Christopher. Starting a Twitter account. The account name: Mark Ticky Smith. That should give me a little distinction from the one or two other Mark Smiths out there. Now I can’t promise I’ll exactly roar into this. It might be more like the whimper of a confused puppy.

Still, I can’t imagine it will take long to get in the swing of things.

After all, former Lobo-fora-day Jarion Henry attracted nearly 800 followers by telling them what he ate at McDonald’s, when he shopped at Walmart and the time he even showered. So how hard can it be for a guy who — on occasion — has been known to have an opinion or two?

I’ll try to provide updates from games I cover, like the Las Cruces-Clovis football playoff game tonight, the BYU-NMSU football game on Saturday and the Aggies-UTEP men’s basketball game on Wednesday.

If I’m there, I’ll take you with me. Sports-wise for sure — maybe even on other adventures.

After all, I actually ate at McDonald’s before and I’m a pretty big Walmart guy.

Of course, it can’t touch Costco.


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And I not only enjoy a good shower, but also a steam, massage and pedicure at a hoity-toity spa from time to time.

OK, I’ll spare you those details.

Unless the masseuse is really, well, uh … Swedish.

What I hope, is to provide some entertaining tidbits as well as informational ones. How entertaining, I guess, is up to the powers that be.

Unless we keep it a secret.

Which is easy, right? After all, nobody reads Twitter and it takes forever to re-tweet others’ thoughts.

In the meantime, before I become too much of a twit, I do have some thoughts for print.

SNIDE REMARKS: A couple of weeks ago, after his thenunbeaten team whipped Oklahoma State, Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder was asked about the BCS picture and his team’s chances of getting into the national championship game.

The Snide one refused to talk about the BCS landscape, saying something about only paying attention to his team.


Thanks to Baylor, Snider doesn’t have to worry about national titles any more.

ALREADY THERE: A few weeks back, New Mexico State senior running back Robert Clay was quoted after a loss: “We need to prove we can get back to playing Aggie football.”

Aren’t they already there?

IMPROVING … YET: There’s little argument that the Lobo football program has made great strides under first-year coach Bob Davie, and the future finally looks decent. But if wins and losses are the bottom line, not much has changed in Mountain West Conference play.

If the Lobos lose at Colorado State on Saturday, it will be their fourth consecutive onewin season in MWC games.


Speaking of Aggie football, when you consider the past, present and future, it’s tough to find a program more in a rut.

The past: NMSU hasn’t been to a bowl game since 1960.

The future: The program has yet to be invited to a new league, and becomes an independent next year as just one of two football teams left in the Western Athletic Conference.

The present: A 1-9 record and a nine-game losing streak.

Much could change, however, on Saturday. An upset of BYU in the Ags’ home finale could be a great spark heading into next season, and hopefully provide some momentum for getting into a league the following year.

OK enough print journalism for now. It’s time to warm up some leftover turkey and pie, and do some holiday shopping.

I’ll be sure to tell you all about it on Twitter.