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Sports Speak Up!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ THE TIDE ROLLED over the UGA Dawgs, as I predicted. It was a great game, “But the Tide won it through the air.” (Abq Journal, Dec. 2, 2012) Bama’s McCarron out-passed GA’s nation leading passer Murray, 69% to 55.9% completion rate, while Bama’s run game excelled. Glad that Murray lost track of the game in last seconds and not ground the ball to stop the clock. Now, Roll Tide over Notre Dame on Jan 7, 2013.

– Jim M, Bama Alum


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♦ 37 COLLEGE Football Bowl games…..Really?? Can’t wait to see these nut grabbers; Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Belk, Pinstripe, Buffalo Wild Wings, Famous Idaho Potato, Really?!?!

– El Hombre

♦ RIP COACH Majerus, you will be remembered as a class act and a great coach.


♦ I WAS DEEPLY saddened to read about the passing of Rick Majerus. He was indeed a class act and the ultimate competitor. I always likened him to former UTEP coach, Don “The Bear” Haskins. No doubt many Lobo basketball fans attended Lobo/Utah basketball games just to see him. I often wondered when he became the coach at St. Louis, if he continued his quirky habit of living in a hotel room as he did during his entire 15 years in Salt Lake. He was a basketball coaching icon, and am gratified I had the opportunity to see him in action over the years, and most recently less than a year ago. It’s hard to believe he is gone.

– Bob, UNM Area

♦ JUST HEARD that they want to rename Wells Park rec. Ctr. For Johnny Tapia. This is good to hear. We have Unser Blvd. Bobby Foster rd. But there’s one great sports figure missing here that needs recognition. He was one of the greatest running backs that ever played at UNM. He was one of the greatest also when he ran for the Dallas Cowboys. He chose to live in our great city and last i heard he still lives here. The great DON PERKINS. Somebody get the ball rolling on this please. Instead of naming something after a slimeball politician, lets put Don’s name up there. City Council, Mayor Berry, Gov. Martinez, somebody please?

– The genuine lobo fan, Mike Sedillo


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♦ BIG RED NATION: you flap your gums as much as your coach. Did you get outscored by Wisconsin’s third team or just the first two?

– LP

♦ TO THE BIG RED Nation.OUCH!!! You may want to think twice before going off on Karen and Wisconsin. Oh yeah, you can also cancel your plans for Pasadena.

– Brian in Taos

♦ YES, BIG RED Nation, you were saying…?

– Daryl D

♦ WHY IS IT that we have to freeze when we try to watch a Lady Lobos game and can’t enjoy it? Several of us had to leave the last game because it was just too cold!! We get week-old bagels @ the concession stand, of which we have very few!! Why can’t the Lady Lobos fans have the same “respect” that we get for the men’s’ games?

– Another Lady Lobo Fan

♦ COACH SANCHEZ said the Lady Lobos did not play a good game against Weber State, and that the game was ugly. Part of the reason was the 25 turnovers and sloppy passes. I think part of the that is due to her bringing players in and out every 3 or 4 minutes and never letting the starters play together long enough to get a good rhythm going. I know she feels she has a strong bench but she needs to settle on her starting line up and first two off the bench and let them play more minutes if she ever wants to get any rhythm and stop turning the ball over so much.

– Tom W, Albuquerque

♦ SOMEONE SHOULD pay tribute to the (Football) senior defense linemen because I think they represented the best interior defense line since coach Joe Morrison’s group. Lobo football will not soon see the quality of talent(Davis, Ellis, Ugo Uzodinima, Carr) found in this group, at least during Davie’s term. Davie & Lockleys stats to the contrary notwithstanding.

— This article appeared on page D4 of the Albuquerque Journal